Ciba and ICO polymer companies are rotational mold

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Ciba and ICO polymer company provide special additives for rotational molding

the New York plastic additives Department of Ciba special chemicals company and ICO polymer company in Houston recently signed an agency and cooperation agreement to develop a series of special additives for rotational molding

according to the agreement, ICO will launch a series of special modifiers to enter the rotational molding market, including UV stabilizers for outdoor durable products, which will greatly increase the export share to emerging countries, and antistatic additives for odor control and successful industrialization into the commercial field, which can reduce electrostatic accumulation and improve plastic forming performance. At present, it is still difficult for manufacturers of rotational molding products to obtain a certain pressure additive in the mixing head through a metering pump, such as a special liquid raw material for injection molding production. Therefore, users need this kind of additive for rotational molding process

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