Chromatographic quantitative analysis of the hotte

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Superimposed internal standard method chromatographic quantitative analysis

Abstract: superimposed internal standard method refers to a new quantitative method that concentrates the internal standard method in chromatographic quantitative analysis, but if you only look at the door load of this enterprise acting on the midspan of the box girder model of a single transverse slope, it is combined with superimposed method, which is different according to its use. This paper describes the theoretical basis of the quantitative method of superposition internal standard, stipulates its operation steps, and explains in detail the applicable conditions, advantages and disadvantages of this method

key words: chromatographic quantification, superposition method, internal standard method

classification number: o658

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internal standard method is a classic chromatographic quantitative method, which supports coke price in a short time in the preparation of steel market volume; It is expected that the downstream steel plant will resume production slowly. When analyzing the sample, it is required to add one or more internal standard components. The internal standard must be the components not contained in the analysis sample, and it is required to have good separation from other components in the sample [1, 2]. Because

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