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Dabao paint: thick coating anti foaming, choose this primer

Dabao paint: thick coating anti foaming, choose this primer

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September 24, 2020

in the painting of wood furniture, in order to maintain efficient and high-quality production on the basis of low-cost control, furniture manufacturers first reduce the number of coating passes, which naturally reduces the cost of service in the coating room - cloud and flow polishing, At the same time, the amount of paint is reduced, and the comprehensive cost is controlled. It is well known that the filling effect or requirements of primer can be achieved only after 2-3 layers of conventional primer are applied. When the number of coating passes is reduced, it is necessary to increase the amount of painting per time to meet the expected filling requirements. Conventional primers can be used for "thick coating" and "wet touch wet" coating, which is easy to appear "whitening", "foaming" and other coating defects, affecting the coating quality and production efficiency

in this regard, Dabao paint has developed Pu transparent primer suitable for "thick coating", which provides practical and effective products and coating solutions for furniture customers' core demands of saving cost, stabilizing quality and improving production efficiency


characteristics of thick coating anti foaming Pu primer

1. Single thick coating and anti whitening

scientific formula design optimizes the wettability mechanism, adjusts the surface tension, improves the fusion between the coating and the material, makes the coating liquid conform to the substrate texture, perfectly fits, and is transparent and natural after dry film, not easy to whiten

- 20 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃ is about 1.0 ℃/min2. It can touch wet spray and is not easy to bubble.

scientifically and accurately control and adjust the solvent evaporation rate, so that the surface and inside of the wet film can volatilize at a uniform rate after coating, so as to solve the problem of easy foaming during "wet touch wet" spraying

conventional Pu primer (spray 2 crosses (4 Guns), Dabao thick coat anti foaming Pu primer spray (3 crosses (6 guns), which is 1/3 more than conventional spray, and is not easy to produce bubbles

(* wet touch wet spraying, usually with an interval of more than 30 minutes. The actual adjustment is made according to the construction environment)

reference to the effect of thick coating of primer

※ the actual effect of coating will vary according to the environmental temperature, humidity, spraying pressure, atomization conditions, etc.

3. High filling property, excellent film quality

select high-quality resin, match with physical pigments, and make the coating maintain quality and achieve less coating times while making the coating smooth, At the same time, it also has the huge and fine filling quality of obtaining higher filling and then measuring the output

4. Reduce the comprehensive cost (3 coats of primer → 2 coats)

the conventional primer is generally coated with 3 coats (2 crosses/4 guns =1 coat) to achieve the primer quality. Dabao can thick coat Pu primer, and reduce the number of coats to 2 as needed, and can also obtain a paint film of equivalent quality. Thus, the comprehensive costs of primary primer grinding, consumables, and the use of paint are directly saved


application field

products can be applied to solid wood furniture, panel furniture, various veneer materials, etc

a paint product with stable quality and easy use can empower furniture factory customers with high-quality coating from the real point of view

Dabao furniture paint has a full range of primers, topcoats and products containing colorants. Because of its stable and reliable quality and strong functional practicability, it has covered many areas of wood furniture finishing in the market, and has been recognized and trusted by many furniture customers

the development of new products is the lifeblood of the sustainable development of enterprises and the comprehensive embodiment of the technological strength of enterprises. At the same time, it is equally important to effectively solve the deficiencies of existing similar products in the market, better serve the needs of customers, and generate a more reasonable profit space. Based on the actual needs of customers, it is a small step to upgrade the function of products and a big step to help upgrade the coating efficiency of the industry

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