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Discussion on the demand of food packaging under the new consumption situation

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core tips: people put food first, food is closely related to people's life, and what kind of food packaging can attract consumers, and what kind of packaging consumers are interested in, is a growing concern of food enterprises. Now let's discuss the food packaging under the new consumption form

[China Packaging News] at the 2016 global food and beverage innovation appraisal high level Innovation Summit, Ipsos, the world's leading market research group, From the ten aspects of "food safety, health, green organic, packaging information, globalization, innovation, new channels, energy supplement, snacks and personalization", it is interpreted that the center is an important platform to promote the development of military civilian integration in Guangdong Province, providing insight into China's food and beverage trends and consumers


according to the survey, food safety has become the most important consideration for consumers when purchasing food. 86% of consumers will consider food safety when purchasing food, and 52% of consumers say that food safety is the primary consideration when purchasing food. In fact, in addition to the food itself, as a package in direct contact with food, it should also be one of the key objects of attention. In recent years, the food safety problems caused by food packaging can not be ignored, which need to attract great attention of enterprises. It is imperative that food packaging take the trend of green and environmental protection. As a professional food paper product packaging manufacturer, health and environmental protection have become the direction of our active exploration and continuous efforts in the process of packaging production and innovation. From the selection of raw materials to the control of production environment and process, as well as the circulation process, the new capacity of the cultural paper industry is almost zero. The compact structure, beautiful appearance and reliable performance of the machine ensure that the high-quality and safe paper packaging products are delivered to users


with the accelerating pace of society, people pursue more convenient consumption and lifestyle. At the same time, avoiding embarrassment in the process of eating has also become the focus of attention. Modern people almost never leave their hands every day. In particular, they need a lot of things to operate with one hand. They can eat while walking, on the road and in the car. Consumers' requirements for packaging are constantly improving. Whether the packaging is appropriate in size, easy to hold, and easy to open and close affects consumers' purchase choices. In order to meet the higher and higher requirements, the packaging needs to be more convenient. It can be said that portable packaging and convenient eating are the inevitable development direction of packaging


consumers want food to express themselves more than ever before. 80% of Chinese consumers said they prefer personalized food brands, and 72% said they are willing to pay more for food with attractive brand image. As the main force of consumption, the post-80s and post-90s are no longer only good-looking and delicious, but also fun! Or sell cute, or tease than, or play the feelings card, personalized packaging at this stage meets the demands of mainstream consumers. Personalization is not only a beautiful "coat" to protect products from loss. It carries more important marketing of enterprises, moves consumers and makes consumers fall in love with brands. As an enterprise, we should establish communication with consumers through packaging. First of all, we should make clear the positioning of the brand. Good packaging design should not only be beautiful, but also spread the concept of the brand and attract target consumers; Secondly, new elements should be added timely to promote some personalized packaging that can meet the needs of young consumers and effectively supplement the brand packaging; Finally, brand influence should be established. When consumers choose "personalized" packaging products, it is more important to see that behind "personalized" is a brand trusted by consumers

the above discussion on the packaging demand under the new consumption form, I hope to bring you thinking. In the future, when choosing packaging, you might as well consider these directions carefully

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