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Discussion on the development direction of cigarette packaging and anti-counterfeiting in the world. Although the output of hard pack cigarettes has been increasing all over the world in recent years, soft pack cigarettes still have advantages in general. At present, soft pack cigarettes are widely used in the Americas, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Far East, especially in remote rural areas. What's more, some countries and regions sell almost all soft pack cigarettes. In some areas, there is also a growing trend of soft pack cigarettes. According to a survey conducted by the European international tobacco statistics office, the regions where soft pack cigarettes may grow include Argentina, Indonesia, India, Thailand, South Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Venezuela, the Philippines, Vietnam and Algeria

according to market analysts, currently soft pack cigarettes account for about 50%~60% of the cigarette market. Even in the European cigarette market dominated by hard box packaging, there are exceptions, such as Spain and Portugal, whose market share of soft pack cigarettes has reached 70%~80%. The reason is that the cigarette production in these two countries was monopolized by the state a few years ago. China's composite polyurethane adhesive developed rapidly. When the monopoly organizations controlled the market, they would be metal The large tonnage experimental machine often used in the construction industry can produce economic products, and the production of soft pack cigarettes contains this economic benefit

hard wrapped cigarettes start to catch up. However, although soft pack cigarettes still dominate the market, the market share of hard pack cigarettes has increased year by year. The globalization of the tobacco industry has had an important impact on the packaging market. In the market where various types of cigarettes coexist, the introduction of western style cigarette brands has increased the market share of hard pack cigarettes; At the same time, developing countries' own cigarette factories are increasingly tending to compete with international tobacco companies by increasing the output of hard packed cigarettes

in addition, the rapid development of hard pack cigarette packaging machine has promoted the wide use of hard pack, because the packaging speed of hard pack cigarette packaging machine is much faster than that of soft pack cigarette packaging machine. Therefore, the hard pack cigarette packaging machine is more attractive to large cigarette industrial enterprises

changes in the world tobacco industry structure have an important impact on the tobacco packaging market. Throughout the world tobacco industry, the trend of enterprise merger is intensifying. Cigarette factories, paper mills and printing factories have formed a close triangular relationship. The challenge in the future is how to further improve the cooperative relationship. In the past few years, cigarette factories have constantly put forward new requirements for cigarette packaging paper, such as the requirements for paper whiteness. We can clearly see that cigarette packaging paper has a trend towards higher whiteness. Sometimes cigarette factories require the whiteness of paper to reach more than 90%

in addition, paper mills are using the original equipment to produce thin paper for cigarette factories to further reduce the cost of cigarettes. For example, in recent years, chemical temperature control pulping technology can produce thinner paper with better paper feeding performance and surface smoothness. It can be seen that the weight of soft pack cigarette paper in Europe has been continuously reduced in recent years. The outer packaging paper has decreased from 100g/m2 to 80~90g/m2, while the inner packaging paper has decreased to 70~80g/m2

in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, cigarette industry enterprises must recognize the development direction of cigarette packaging market and constantly expand the connotation of packaging in order to expand their market share. Specifically, there are the following points

cigarette anti-counterfeiting marks shall be easy to identify. The anti-counterfeiting label of cigarettes should be easy to identify. When consumers are familiar with cigarettes with one taste, they often have a repulsion to cigarettes with other tastes. Therefore, after the cigarettes of each brand are put into the market, efforts should be made not only to maintain the consistency of their taste, but also on their packaging to prevent counterfeiting and set a solid protective cover. For example, when the packaging box is printed with infrared color changing ink, fluorescent ink or magnetic ink, it is best to add color fiber to the packaging paper. In this way, its anti-counterfeiting performance will be difficult to compare with other printing technologies. With anti-counterfeiting technology, it does not mean that all people can understand it, so it is best to note the identification method in the packaging box

cigarette packaging should reflect cultural taste. To improve the cultural taste of cigarette packaging, world cultural heritage series, famous people series, national top ten scenic spots series and Chinese classical people series can be launched. For example, famous poems and sentences, calligraphers can be invited to write. The practical functions of cigarettes should be diluted as much as possible to highlight cultural characteristics, so that each cigarette can become a collection of culture and art, so that consumers can buy cigarettes and enjoy culture when consuming

cigarette packaging should be humanized. The traditional packaging method has the following disadvantages: too many packages, the packaging box is easy to wear out, the moisture resistance is poor, and it is inconvenient to take cigarettes. With the continuous improvement of the voice of banning smoking in recent years, especially the banning of smoking in public places and the smoke-free of families, the space for smokers to smoke has become smaller and smaller, so the cigarette packaging should also be miniaturized, such as 10, 5 or 1 cigarette per package. The packaging box can be transformed into match box type and medicine box type, so that the cigarette packaging can meet the needs of smokers in different conditions and different occasions

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