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Pearl River cable talking about the development planning of security line

original title: Pearl River cable talking about the development planning of security line

in order to better promote the security industry and ensure the harmonious development of social life and work, security cable products must be developed in a safer and faster direction. We believe that with the joint efforts of the government, industry and enterprises, the production and quality assurance of security cable products will have rules to follow and laws to follow, and the technology and application of security cable will move rapidly towards a more reliable and professional field

I. The industrial concentration continues to increase, leading enterprises occupy the mainstream market

China's security industry has grown from scratch and has formed a certain scale after decades of development. With the promotion of global economic integration, leading enterprises among different products in the industry will inevitably appear, and the industrial concentration will continue to improve. Only when there is industrial concentration and leading enterprises in the industry can the industry establish and form a common development concept. Only in this way can enterprises consider the most basic survival, enter into the most important aspects to promote the healthy development of the industry, such as scientific management, core technology and core products, and avoid the unfair competition of low quality and low end. The chaotic competition among cable manufacturers, large and small, with good and bad, and some manufacturers in the industry who lack technical strength and capital scale will gradually end the vicious competition for local interests and immediate survival

II. The attention of users has been continuously strengthened, the whole line is compatible, and the whole process service is ready.

cable products undertake important data, image and other information transmission tasks in the security system. Due to the insufficient attention paid by users or engineers to the procurement of cable products, such as the improper selection of cable products, the quality problems affecting the whole system engineering are common, resulting in certain losses and negative effects. The profound lessons of the past have made more and more users and engineering companies gradually pay attention to the quality and correct use of cable products, and gradually changed the idea that the price plays a leading role in the purchase of security cable products in engineering use. We are glad to see that through the joint efforts and publicity of the government, industry, engineering companies and production enterprises, the coexistence of high-end equipment and low-quality cables in the security engineering system is becoming less and less, The important role of security cables in the use of the system is more and more recognized by everyone

III. international cooperation and development are irresistible

being a security enterprise in the world and building an international national brand in China's security industry has become the development goal and corporate mission of Jinan gold testing machine maintenance, an outstanding enterprise in the industry. Under the guidance of this belief, China's security products have gone deep into many fields of the world's security industry. International cooperation between domestic enterprises and enterprises from advanced developed countries has been carried out in an all-round way

at present, several of the most powerful security cable enterprises in China have also complied with the international trend of market development. A few years ago, they ranked first in the world in terms of scope and began to comprehensively formulate and start the development strategy of globalization, Through extensive cooperation and exchange in technology, capital, management and other aspects, the company has introduced advanced technology and management concepts from foreign enterprises to rapidly improve and develop its strength. It has actively gone abroad to seek the international market and increased product exports. However, the charging time is only 16 seconds. At present, a large number of security cable products have been exported to all over the world

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