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Discussion on the development countermeasures and planning of China's green packaging industry (IV)

2.2.4 tasks and objectives of quality management

the international environmental standard IS014000 series is a unified standard for the global development of "green products" and "green packaging". The international organization for standardization requires all countries in the world to implement the new international standards, which have been implemented since 1996. Industry organizations or green packaging management organizations should guide and organize China's packaging enterprises to actively strive to pass the IS014000 standard certification, so as to obtain another "green cylinder lifting certificate" to enter the international market

qualified enterprises are selected nationwide as the model for the implementation of the IS014000 standard to achieve the standard certification

before 2010, ISO9000 and IS014000 standards will be implemented in the whole industry, so that 60% of the national key green packaging enterprises will reach IS09000 and 30% of the enterprises will reach ISO14000 standards

2.2.5 tasks and objectives of talent training

the green packaging industry is an emerging industry, which is short of talents. The proportion of professional technicians in the green packaging industry in the number of employees should reach 6% ~ 8% by 2010

2.2.6 production forecast of main products of China's green packaging industry in 2010

the planned output of paper packaging products is 15.9 million tons, with an annual increase rate of 8%; The planned output of plastic packaging products is 490000 tons, with an annual increase rate of 15%; The planned output of metal packaging products is 3.97 million tons, with an annual increase rate of 8%; The planned output of glass packaging products is 6.32 million tons, with an annual increase rate of 6%

2.2.7 preliminary establishment of green packaging industry system

the national packaging industry should establish an information network system for green packaging products, equipment technology and management before 2005. Although the transformation is completed, the market does not require you to meet a number of key green packaging enterprises at this speed. In large and medium-sized cities across the country, a system for the management of packaging environmental protection and the collection and treatment of waste has been established to form a sound green packaging market system. Make China's green packaging industry step into a benign development track, and create a Chinese style space for coordinated development of human and environment

3 measures

3.1 establishment of a green packaging development management system organization

the green packaging industry is a complete system engineering. In order to make it develop healthily and orderly, the urgent task is that the state should establish a green packaging industry management system and a national efficient management organization. It is suggested that the State Economic and Trade Commission should preside over the establishment of a national system, and the length of the ejector rod should be adjusted and fixed; (2) The installation position of the change-over switch is improper. The green packaging industry Office (non established organization) can be located in China Packaging Technology Association

to establish a green packaging management system, industry organizations or green packaging industry management organizations should conduct preliminary demonstration on major investment, technological transformation and development projects in the industry, and participate in the management guidance and supervision of project construction

strengthen the statistical work of the industry and green packaging industry, and guide the control of the total development of new enterprises and products in the industry

3.2 policies

foreign developed countries have some mature countermeasures for the development of green packaging industry, which are worthy of learning and reference. In combination with China's national conditions and existing experience, they should formulate policies to restrict the production and circulation of packaging products with adverse environmental protection, and encourage and support the application and promotion of green packaging

the state should support the green packaging industry in terms of funds. It is suggested to set up a special loan for green packaging, appropriately allocate scientific research expenses for industrial key scientific research and development projects, and give some low interest or interest free loans

actively promote the green mark of products, and establish the packaging product recycling management system and waste treatment system. Enterprises engaged in the recycling and treatment of packaging waste shall be regarded as environmental protection enterprises and given tax reduction and exemption treatment. Enterprises that produce products marked with green signs should be given preferential policies and tax incentives

units that produce, sell and use packaging wastes that cannot be recycled and reused will be charged according to their damage to the environment, which is conducive to raising funds to control environmental pollution and vigorously develop the green packaging industry

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