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Discussion on the development direction of plastic mold industry in China the development of plastic mold is developing with the development of plastic industry. In recent years, people have higher and higher requirements for lightweight, beautiful and hand feel of various equipment and supplies, which provides a broader market for plastic products. The development of plastic products inevitably requires the development of plastic molds that need to be prepared by users. In recent years, the major user industries of plastic products such as automobiles, household appliances, office supplies, industrial electrical appliances, building materials and electronic communications have been operating at a high level and developing rapidly. Therefore, plastic molds have also developed rapidly, and China's plastic mold industry is becoming larger and larger

plastics have the polymerization experience of high molecular weight. The parts formed by higher mold show its high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption. The processing and manufacturing method of plastic mold has its unique creative value. The quality, benefit and development ability of products are largely determined by plastic moulds

some experts in the industry believe that with the increasing scale of China's plastic mold industry, the accuracy will be higher and higher. 10 years ago, the precision of precision molds was generally 5 μ m. Now it has reached 2-3 μ m。 Soon, 5. The aging of the seal ring will cause oil leakage at the seal 1 μ M precision molds will be available. With the miniaturization of parts and the improvement of accuracy requirements, the machining accuracy tolerance of some plastic molds is required to be within 1 μ M, which requires the development of ultra precision machining

experts believe that China's plastic mold industry should further develop multi-functional composite molds. In addition to stamping parts, a set of multi-functional molds also undertake assembly tasks such as stacking, tapping, riveting and locking. Multi color and multi material plastic forming dies will also have a rapid development. This kind of plastic mould shortens the production cycle of the product and will be developed and applied in different fields in the future

with the popularization and application of hot runner technology in China, the proportion of hot runner mold in plastic mold will gradually increase. The plastic mould with hot runner technology can not only improve the productivity and quality of parts, but also save the raw materials without strong magnetic field interference. The application of this technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries. Domestic hot runner molds have also been produced, and some enterprises have reached about 30%. However, in general, the proportion is still very low and needs to be developed urgently

Chinese plastic mold experts believe that the proportion of medium pressure molds in the plastic mold industry will continue to increase. With the development of lightweight products such as vehicles and motors, higher and higher requirements will be put forward for the number, service life and complexity of die-casting molds. With the development of replacing steel and wood with plastics and the continuous improvement of the accuracy and complexity of product parts, the proportion of plastic molds will continue to increase, and their accuracy and complexity will also increase accordingly

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