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Discussion on the development of China's packaging and printing enterprises from the perspective of brand (Part I)

I. Problems of China's packaging and printing enterprises from the perspective of brand

1 Enterprises have no competitive advantage in the international market

China's packaging and printing industry has jumped from the last of the 40 major industries in the national economy in the early 1980s to the 12th now. However, most of China's packaging and printing enterprises are weak in the international market competitiveness, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, most of China's packaging and printing enterprises are small in scale and low in industrial concentration. Among the packaging and printing enterprises, there are few packaging enterprise groups with few independent related terms, prominent main business, strong core competitiveness and certain influence in the world. The vast majority of packaging and printing enterprises are still small and medium-sized processing plants

second, the technological innovation ability of enterprises is poor, and the existing technology and equipment are relatively backward. Many enterprises have not yet got rid of the extensive operation of high input, high consumption, high pollution and low output

third, there is a lack of a group of high-quality entrepreneurs, scientific management and technical personnel, as well as a large number of skilled workers

fourth, there is no strong brand for the enterprise's products, which leads to the products staying in the middle and low grades for a long time, and the prices are not going up, affecting the profits and benefits of the enterprise

due to the limited strength of China's packaging and printing enterprises, it is difficult to compete with foreign large packaging and printing groups. In order to narrow the gap between China's packaging industry and the world's advanced level, enterprises should base on scientific and technological innovation, cultivate high-quality talents and develop their own brands to enhance their competitiveness. The author believes that only with a strong brand can China's packaging and printing enterprises have a competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, it is an urgent task for enterprises to establish a brand and develop a famous brand

2. From the actual situation of China's packaging and printing enterprises, the managers of many enterprises can not accurately understand the basic concept and connotation of the brand and do not have the basic knowledge of brand management. Some regard brand building as quality. If the output and sales are good, the brand will be built; Some equate brand with image, design a set of good VI, and package the enterprise, which is the brand; Others understand the brand as advertising, thinking that a huge amount of money will be invested in advertising on television and newspapers to make enterprises and products famous. The first batch of new materials means that users will succeed in purchasing and using the brand of new materials with the same variety and technical specifications in the catalogue in the first year. Without a deep understanding of the brand, the enterprise can not carry out the correct brand strategy operation

because they are unfamiliar with the discipline of brand strategic management and do not master the relevant technology of brand strategic management, it is difficult for China's packaging and printing enterprises to establish a professional brand management organization system and equip professional brand strategic management personnel. This makes many packaging and printing enterprises have no power to return when facing the competition of foreign brands. Striving for famous brand is a systematic project, which must be incorporated into the strategic management of enterprises

3. The local brands of enterprises lack sufficient support from the policy environment, market environment and public opinion environment

China's local brands lack sufficient support from the policy environment, market environment and public opinion environment, and also lack necessary and correct guidance in social psychology and consumption psychology

the government's support for the development of local brands of China's packaging and printing enterprises is insufficient, and few necessary preferential policies are given, and the enterprises lack funds to establish strong brands. In terms of policy openness, foreign investment seems to be more open. As there are no practical restrictions on policies, foreign investment has been suppressing our own brands

China also lacks a social public opinion environment suitable for the development of packaging and printing enterprises, and it is difficult for domestic brands to survive and develop independently under the encirclement of foreign brands. However, due to the guidance of public opinion, domestic consumers do not pay enough attention to local brands, but prefer foreign brands. Therefore, domestic brands are difficult to be accepted and recognized by consumers. On the other hand, the packaging and printing enterprises themselves do not pay attention to the role of the media. Due to the particularity of packaging and printing enterprises, the publicity effect of printing equipment and packaging products on popular media such as TV stations is not very ideal. We can choose some professional newspapers and periodicals for publicity. Among them, China packaging is the most authoritative magazine in China's packaging industry. It has a wide readership, so it is the best publicity media. However, in recent years, from the perspective of its advertisers, most of them are some well-known foreign enterprises

II. The role of implementing brand strategy in the development of packaging and printing enterprises

brand, fundamentally, "he said, is to give products unique associations and meanings through investment in brands, so as to distinguish them from other products. The brand symbolizes a quality level, which makes it easy for consumers to choose this product again. Brand loyalty to products allows companies to predict and ensure product demand, and hinders other companies from entering the market

brand is a symbol of a country, a region and an industry's scientific and technological strength and competitiveness. Heidelberg, Manroland, Kodak, Agfa, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other well-known manufacturers dominate the world printing market with their own product brands. This shows that the packaging and printing industry, like other industries, has entered the era of brand consumption. Therefore, the establishment, protection and development of famous brands are the main means and development path for China's packaging and printing enterprises to seize the domestic market and participate in international competition

the author believes that the implementation of brand strategy will play an important role in the sustainable development of China's packaging and printing enterprises. Moreover, the more intense the competition, the greater the contribution. The main functions can be summarized into the following three points:

first, it guides the development of new products and the maintenance of existing products. As far as brand strategy is concerned, product development is no longer a matter other than brand. It is just a specific act of brand maintenance and promotion. A good brand strategy will guide the development direction of new products and the design of specific product features, and play a guiding role in the promotion of existing products

second, guide enterprises' communication strategies and maximize the integration of communication resources. Brand strategy can play a guiding role in advertising media delivery. Many questions, such as what kind of creativity to choose and what kind of extrusion equipment to shoot, will soon become indispensable or irreplaceable equipment due to special technology. What kind of advertising and what kind of media to put, can get accurate answers, and these answers can limit the waste of communication resources to the greatest extent

third, it is well-designed and highly competitive. The biggest feature of brand strategy is "coming prepared". Compared with the tactics of "beating the East and beating the west", it is highly systematic and scientific. Therefore, we can save time, avoid detours, quickly accumulate our own brand assets and form a strong competitive advantage by implementing the brand strategy

III. brand development of packaging and printing enterprises

1 Establish brand awareness and create a strong and big brand at low cost

enterprises should have brand awareness, all employees should have brand awareness, especially the creative designers, should have strong brand awareness and creative inspiration, should fully conduct market research, give full play to their subjective initiative according to the needs of users, carry out continuous investment, development and design, and make the overall planning of the enterprise, Create famous brands according to the R & D capability and product characteristics of the enterprise

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