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Bathtubs can bring people higher bath quality, especially bathtubs with various functions, which are very comfortable. Shower just to clean the body, bathtub is to enjoy life

people have to deal with the bathtub every day. The bathtub is a place where dirt is hidden. After a long time of use, the bathtub will collapse, stain, rough surface and other problems. If it is not cleaned in time, it is not conducive to human health when used. Therefore, in order to use the bathtub healthily, it should be cleaned in time and maintained regularly. The following editor will introduce how to clean the bathtub and the skills of choosing bathtubs

how to clean the bathtub

1. Use neutral detergent and soft sponge or cloth when cleaning

2. Clean the bathtub every week to ensure that it is dry after cleaning

3. Dark detergent that is easy to make pigment penetrate into the surface of the bathtub must be avoided

4. Remember not to use things with strong wear ability, and do not use highly alkaline cleaning products

5. As long as you see a little sign of damage to the bathtub, you must tell the relevant responsible party to repair it, otherwise the problem will worsen

6. After each use, the water system must be turned off, otherwise frequent dripping will cause water to accumulate in the bathtub

7. Don't leave those metallic things in the bathtub, otherwise the surface of the bathtub will rust and get dirty

bath selection skills

1, specific thickness. You can beat the bathtub to judge the thickness of the bathtub. If the bathtub is thick, it will not crack naturally

2. Listen to the sound. Pay attention to the sound of the motor when buying a jacuzzi. When purchasing high-end bathtubs, it is best to “ Test the water ”, Listen to the sound and try the temperature

3. Look at the gloss. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of materials by looking at the surface gloss, which is suitable for bathtubs of any material

4. Touch the smoothness of the surface. It is suitable for steel bathtubs and cast-iron bathtubs, because both bathtubs need enamel plating, and there will be subtle ripples if the plating process is not good

5. Test the firmness with hands and feet. The firmness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. It can't be seen by visual inspection. You need to try it yourself, such as whether there is a sinking feeling when you stand in

6. Choose a brand bathtub. Generally speaking, famous bathroom products, such as bathtubs of the top ten bathroom brands, can reassure consumers in terms of quality and after-sales service

standard size of bathtub

the standard size of the bathtub in the square state is about 1.7 meters, which is also the most commonly used standard size of the square bathtub. In addition, according to different needs, there are 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 1.6 meters, 1.9 meters, etc. the square bathtub of 1.7 meters is adopted, which is just in line with the average height of Chinese people. In addition, the basic width of the square bathtub is 0.7 meters, 0.85 meters, 0.75 meters and 0.9 meters. The most commonly used is the 0.8 meter square bathtub. The standard size height of the square bathtub is basically 0.7 meters, which is more common. In addition, there is a height between 0.58 meters and 0.9 meters. If you are not used to square bathtubs, so is the oval bathtub. The standard size of the bathtub is similar to that of the square bathtub

editor's summary: that's all about how to clean the bathtub and the skills of choosing bathtubs. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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