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I believe many young people like the European romantic decoration style, and the fresh breath is more popular with young people. Now let's take a look at the decoration effect drawing of three rooms and two halls in the simple European style of Ziyu residence. The owner is a couple of young people who are going to get married. Listen to their decoration experience

style analysis: the simple European style is a kind of European decoration style, which is mainly ivory, mainly light colors, supplemented by dark colors. Compared with the strong European style, the simple European style is fresh and conforms to the introverted aesthetic concept of Chinese users

decoration files:

decoration community: Ziyu mansion (more decoration renderings of Ziyu mansion) decoration company: living home decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: simple European style contract amount: 80000

as soon as you enter the door, you see a restaurant. I like the photo background wall very much. I bought it online and it's very successful. There is a complete set of furniture at home, willow and ash, solid wood, with a little pastoral flavor

the porch between the restaurant and the door. I made a shoe cabinet. The door of the shoe cabinet is made to order. The whole style is very complete ~ ~ the white gray door is the guest bathroom, and there is a mirror in the middle of the upper and lower cabinets. You can take a look at it when you go out^_^

the home is just beginning to be decorated, and a pair of cute dolls are going to be placed on the middle platform ~ the restaurant, where you can see some beautiful pictures of the kitchen

the stainless steel shelf was bought by LG. It is used to put bottles and cans. It is not occupied yet. It will become popular in the future. All kinds of things will pile up, so make more room for stacking now

the upper cabinet of the cabinet is glass, oh, I like it very much ~ ~ I feel that the shape of the range hood is also very good ~ small household appliances, except for the electric rice cooker that is not put in, are basically complete.. LG's shadow can be seen faintly in the window ~ ~

the gray shutters are amazing when they are installed for the first time... I originally wanted to choose beige, but I didn't expect gray to match so... sofa (if you buy a big one, the customers who are already a little narrow will appear smaller. 8 if you are too big and Suhu, you may be able to turn over more on it. Ha ~ ^ ^ ^ ^

LG is always very proud of the white carved art wall you bought...

from the living room, you can see the dining room and kitchen. The door of the kitchen is LG's great love ~ ~ the color of the whole family is still too monotonous, waiting for our gradual decoration

unfortunately, there is no gorgeous crystal lamp in our living room Close up, make it up next time ~ ~ because the wedding is in April next year, there is still a long time to go. Let LG cover our white sofa

the bath cabinet is purchased by LG online. Except for the color that is not the desired ivory, the style and quality are very satisfactory ~ the price in the counter is definitely no less than twoorthree

house type diagram of three bedrooms and two living rooms of Ziyu mansion

decoration list of the owner's home:

lamps and lanterns: lying room lamps and lanterns are bought from Taobao 1000 yuan

floors: natural floor activity price 11 ・ 5 yuan/piece

Wallpaper: Ruibao wallpaper 11.5 yuan/flat

sofa: Chivas sofa 4500 yuan

bed: Caesar Haoting European luxury bed 3500 yuan

[introduction to Ziyu mansion community]: by bamboo Yeshan group made great efforts, Sitting on the first development trunk road - Avenue, metro lines 3 and 8, Zhuyeshan interchange, Xingye Road, Houhu Avenue, development avenue, Huangpu Avenue, etc., we have built an access network, and more than 10 bus lines, such as 516, 543, 592, 621, 532, 575, 706, pass through the community, connecting the three towns quickly

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