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Decoration case files: the decoration design style of the project Dahua Nanhu Park aristocratic family decoration unit today is a mix of styles (Modern and Chinese). Designer Zha Xiaokun

the Chinese style decoration is simple and enjoyable, calm and atmospheric, and is loved by Chinese and foreign people, but the traditional Chinese style is too heavy and complicated, which is a little away from the living habits of modern people. Therefore, in this set of cases, the designer followed the traditional elements of China and simplified them, integrated them into the modern home decoration style, and the overall modern Chinese style home is more wonderful

living room

when it comes to Chinese style, everyone's consistent thinking is that deep color, heavy furniture and antique charm are the biggest features of Chinese style home. The exquisite mosaic tiles on the ground complement the sofa furniture. The floor of the living room and the wall of the TV background are paved with vitrified bricks, reflecting the simple, elegant and bright side of modern simplicity


the study, separated from the living room glass, is paved with a textured solid wood floor, and in front of it hangs a graceful woman wearing a cheongsam, reflecting the perfect combination of tradition and modernity


bamboo on the balcony has a long cultural history. Ancient poets used bamboo to describe a person's magnanimous mind and called him a gentleman




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